Beautiful North Shore of Puerto Rico, # 9-PR-20-17 (c) Thomas R. Fletcher

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Hope (c) Thomas R. Fletcher


A bright warm ray of sunshine breaking through dramatic, bleak, black clouds of a storm offers hope.  Hope that the storm will pass.  Better weather will return.  The storm is only temporary.  A brighter day is coming.

When I first looked at this image, a single word came to mind: “hope.” 

The single ray of light brings hope.  The storm will pass; as the storms of life pass.  Our trials and tribulations are but for a season.

Sometimes, we need an adjustment in perspective.  We need to see things from a different angle. 

I was quite happy with the image the way I originally shot it.  I added some text and printed some prints for note cards. 

I had the prints lying on my light table to dry.  (I know; a light table is an anachronism for many of you—but a needed tool for many years in my work as a photographer.)  Walking back into my office, I glanced down at the prints.  The image was upside down and it struck me as better that way, an even greater illustration of hope.

God is our only true hope.  Hope in God!

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