Beautiful North Shore of Puerto Rico, # 9-PR-20-17 (c) Thomas R. Fletcher

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 Thomas R. Fletcher Fine Art Photography 

Artistic Photo Prints from any image on this website are available.  The images below are merely examples.  Internet Explorer users, hold your cursor over an image and the stock file number of that image appears. Firefox users need to right click on the image, then click on properties tab to obtain the stock file number.  Supply that number via e-mail when requesting a specific image.  In return, you will be will sent a link to that specific image on his fine art site: Thomas R. Fletcher Fine Art Photography 

Fletcher retains copyright to all his photographs.  Prints are sold with a viewing license to the image.  The license limits client usage to viewing the piece as wall art.  No reproduction rights are granted. 

Fletcher's work appeared in Tamarack's "The Best of West Virginia" juried exhibition in the David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery June 16 - August 2, 2013.

Fletcher's work appeared in Tamarack's "The Best of West Virginia" juried exhibition in the David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery June 13 - August 14, 2010.

A single photographer show of Fletcher's work was presented at Cafe Cimino in Sutton West Virginia.  You may see the images presented in the show here: Cafe Cimino Single Photographer Show

His work and the work of West Virginia photographer Betty Rivard was on display at Cafe Cimino in Sutton West Virginia (January - February 2007).

Fletcher's work was part of Showcase West Virginia's Fall Photography Show 9/16/2006 - 11/1/2006 

Fletcher note cards may be ordered directly from Mountain Made by clicking here.

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Thomas R. Fletcher Fine Art Photography 

Stock photography by Thomas R. Fletcher at Alamy 

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Photography Prints

Artist’s Bio

Thomas R. Fletcher

            Thomas R. Fletcher was born and raised in Webster County, West Virginia.  He graduated Webster County High School in the summer of 1977 (a year early, because he couldn’t wait to explore the world).  He attended Glenville State College then served in the US Navy.  In 1982, he launched his career as a freelance photographer—and has been traveling the world since. 

            Thomas has been taking photos as long as he can remember.  The first was of the tree-shaded, moss-covered banks of a spring, deep in the mountains—where his grandmother drew her water.  He was less than 18 months old.  He made a mental snap-shot of that green, peaceful location that he carries with him to this day. That mossy, green place of solitude brought a special feeling of peacefulness to his spirit—a feeling he often seeks to repeat in seeking new images.

 It wasn’t for another nineteen years that Thomas realized he could permanently capture and share those scenes of beauty he had mentally been capturing in his mind—through the medium of a camera.  Completely self-taught in photography, his life’s passion to capture and share the beauty of the world was birthed with that first camera.

            Today you will see a majority of green and blue colors in his work.  His love of nature and solitude are captured in those images.  He seeks to transport the viewer to that peaceful serenity he felt while making the image.  He hopes his work inspires others to notice the beauty that surrounds them, to take the time to be still and peaceful, to quiet the soul for just a bit.

            Fletcher's work may be seen at Tamarack (his note card line) in Beckley,  Mountain Made in Thomas, Riffle Pottery in Cowen and the Addison Center  in Webster Springs, West Virginia.  

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Artist’s Statement

Growing up in the isolated mountains of Webster County, West Virginia I developed an early and endearing love of nature.  I developed a desire to share that love and inspire that love in others.  I do so, first of all by “seeing,” looking at a scene and mentally constructing an image in my mind—an image that eliminates the clutter, an image that pulls the viewer in—focusing on the beauty of the scene. 

Quite often you will see I concentrate heavily on shades of green and blue.   This is not by accident.  These are the colors of peace and solitude (seldom will one sense coldness in the shades of blue I capture).  The solitude of a peaceful place is where I seek to transport the viewer.  The greens convey life, self-confidence, harmony and balance; the blues convey solitude, truth, healing, and serenity.

Fortunate to have a skill that has allowed me to see the world, I returned home in 1994.  I returned to my beautiful mountains that first inspired my vision and the way I view the world.

I seek out those special places of color to feel those emotions, to soak it in—then communicate those same feelings to the viewers of my work.

-- Thomas R. Fletcher

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