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The Anchor Holds


Thomas R. Fletcher

I lie to myself. During the easy times, facing no trying circumstances, I tell myself how well I'm doing, how I walk with God, how I hold on to Him, how I serve Him. You see the problem with that already don't you? I am too focused on me, what I am doing. Sometimes, I even deceive myself into believing it's all true--my walk with God depends only on me. The emphasis is all wrong. I become overconfident in my ability. I take credit for God's work in my life.

We all pass through storms of life, some of great intensity. When the storms come, I find the ship of my soul tossed on the seas of life. Winds of doubt rip at the sails, thrashing waves whip my self-confidence. I am no longer confident in my ability. The natural tendency is to draw back, to slack off in my work for the Lord. In those times my strength is diluted, my attention divided, my focus is on surviving the trial. I begin to question my walk with Him. I am not sure I can hold on. It is through those times I've realized I really can't hold on to God. I thought I was holding on to Him--I found He was holding me. I have seen that I am truly powerless and can do nothing without God's enabling.

Hebrews 6:19-20 makes a very important statement in this regard, "We have an anchor for the soul, it is sure and steadfast..." There will be times we can't hold on, but the anchor holds us. Our security does not depend upon our ability. It depends upon the finished work of Christ who has gone before us as our forerunner, our trail-blazing pioneer. His work has prepared the way for us to follow Him. He has carried the anchor, if you will, into heaven. The anchor has taken hold "within in veil," in the very presence of God the Father. Christ has entered the holy of holies in heaven. It is because of His work, we have access to the Father. He is there interceding on our behalf.

The storms of life will come. We will find ourselves tossed upon the seas of adversity and we may face winds of doubt, but the anchor holds! The waves may thrash, but the anchor holds! The anchor is sure and steadfast, it will not move. Christ's entering heaven is the guarantee that all who trust and follow Him will one day also enter. Once I have truly placed my faith, my confidence in Jesus Christ, my security no longer depends upon me. My security is based upon His finished work. The anchor of my soul is firmly set in heaven. The anchor is unshakable and immovable, it holds me when I am without the strength to hold it.


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